100 Things


  1. have three siblings.
  2. am almost 29 years old.
  3. am Yoruba.
  4. understand Yoruba better than I can speak it but I can speak it.
  5. lived in Nigeria for three years when I was very young.
  6. was last in Nigeria almost 15 years ago.
  7. have never hung out in Lagos.
  8. can’t count past 15 in Yoruba if you asked me right now.
  9. was an ESL (English as a Second Language) student when my family first arrived in North America.
  10. always thought I’d marry a Nigerian, despite living in an area with very few Nigerians around me.
  11. once had an online relationship (ok, it was more of a daily exchange of emails and phone calls) with a guy with the same last name as me. I was excited at the prospect of marrying him so that I wouldn’t have to change my last name.
  12. had never met anyone with the same last name as me before that guy, and I haven’t since.
  13. have two University degrees, both Bachelors degrees.
  14. have never been drunk.
  15. went to the club for the first time at the age of 21.
  16. think the concept of Nigerian time is rude.
  17. relax my hair.
  18. am not fashionable.
  19. love singing along to music while it’s playing but have never tried karaoke.
  20. do not yet have my full driver’s license.
  21. still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  22. love to talk.
  23. have large feet.
  24. have never been kissed by a Naija guy.
  25. have been known to cry while watching romantic movies.
  26. have never cooked stew (obe), not even pepe soup.
  27. miss my grandmas and grandpa.
  28. do not have much respect for my cousins, who see us as a bank account.
  29. don’t see myself retiring to Nigeria.
  30. worry that I’ll lose my culture and background.
  31. get freaked out by weird patterns (such as something that looks scaly, cracked or reptilian).
  32. find I worry more than most people my age.
  33. would give my parents half of anything I won in a lottery. Automatically.
  34. have the most loving parents.
  35. am closer to my father.
  36. adore my mommy.
  37. fight regularly with my sister. Now that we’re older we do the silent treatment thing until we forget why we’re fighting.
  38. spend too much time yelling at my brothers (it’s time for me to move out sha).

(list is in progress)


13 Responses to “100 Things”

  1. 1 Ken

    Got pictures?

  2. 2 moi

    @ken, dude it’s a blog. The girl ain’t gon post her pics!

  3. 3 stbloke

    nw u r really asking for this,
    18. Not fashionable
    nigerians r fashionable; naija wmen even more than the men. hw do u expect to hook a naijaman when u no sabi baff! (baff: a local slang for being nicely dressed)
    24. u ve never been kissed by a Naija guy!
    Babe u’ve never been kissed period! A Naija guy is the Zenith of the African male specie, local or in the diaspora. Who u come dey kiss ‘dry whities?’ blah
    Everywhere i go on the African continent women fall over themselves to get with the Naija guys.
    26. never cooked stew
    a naija guy needs to know u can mix in the kitchen, even if u dont ve to he wants to knw u can. and if he allows dat slide his mom wont, wahala
    29. …cnt even rewrite that one without cringing
    everytin u r were ever u r does not make much impact in destiny if u do not elevate ur people and open their eyes to the opportunities ur exposure has provided. which full blooded Naija man wan follow u lost?
    30. worry u’ll loose…
    what girl, that ship has sailed

    i still luv u though

    nuff said

  4. Did you fall for stbloke’s “Babe u’ve never been kissed period! A Naija guy is the Zenith of….”

    I await the remaining 62…..

    Short of which, does this stbloke have a blog? I’ll really love to have his url.

  5. 5 stbloke

    @Rethots. well i do ve a blog, maybe i will let u into it l8tr. i cnt comment anymore on GNG’s 100things, maybe when she posts some more… lol. u knw i & GNG ve ds thing going…

  6. 6 GoodNaijaGirl

    @Rethots – no, absolutely not!

    @stbloke – You need to get off your high horse for sure. And I don’t have anything going with you…except that I write blog entries and you leave your comments on them!

  7. 7 elvis

    Gee you are out-of-this-world, except that i can’t see your pictures.

  8. If only I can get my mom to acknowledge that I’m never going to retire to Nigeria, I believe I will have a chance at world peace.

  9. @stlbloke: not everyone wants to/ is going to retire in nigeria. I’m sure a lot of pple are elevating their people from the diaspora. half blooded naija men are not that bad either

    FYI: I’m undecided about retiring in naija

  10. 10 stbloke

    @notperfectdotcom, bumight. You’all dont ve to retire to Nigeria; Nigeria is too crowded already. As long as you are relevant and you are a source of inspiration to your people. as long as the experience and education you ve recieved is making your local community back home or even just your family thankful for you.

    nuff said

  11. hope you havent forgotten about the list… maybe I’ll make one.. some day…. we have some things in common… interested to know what the rest of the list looks like. have a fab wknd

  12. 12 michael

    expecting the remaining 62,but retiring in nigeria should be better

  13. 13 thisismycomputer

    Thanks for being real, I suppose that’s the beauty of blogging.

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