Good and “bad” Nigerian girls


I don’t have anything in common with those Nigerian girls. Who do I mean by “those” girls?

The ones who:

  • wear a ton of makeup
  • have bubble butts
  • are super skinny or super curvy with minimal body fat
  • talk “Black” (African Americans)
  • have men chasing them from day one
  • have had a sexual partner or twothree, and discuss sexual activities a bit too freely
  • dress in low cut tops and high cut skirts, pants and bottoms
  • wear high heels confidently
  • are really loud at events so you know they’re there

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m not loud when I’m with friends, but these girls are almost obnoxiously so. They seem to think that every social event revolves around them. When they are on the dancefloor, they aren’t dancing because they love the song or the act of dancing, but because they’re trying to impress someone. I love makeup as much as the next girl but when their faces look like masks, that’s a bit too much for me. And hey, I’d love to have more of a bubble butt, and less of the body fat, so those aren’t all bad things.

The Nigerian girls that I am friends with are generally quieter women who I admire because of their smarts, their personalities or their elegance/sense of style. These women don’t have to do anything to attract males but at social events: the men always want to get to know them. That’s the group I want to identify with.


2 Responses to “Good and “bad” Nigerian girls”

  1. 1 zizimisi

    We all grow up with that false imression of what a ‘good girl’should look and look like.But i have come to realise that it is falsehood all of that going on the outside is the least to worry about, its actually supposed to be from i n to out.
    To say the least the ‘bad girls’ get the guys, they marry early and evn get the best in the pack.

  2. 2 Minky

    I feel you, girls like that are quite irritating!

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