The men I never dated – McDonalds meeting


I wasn’t lying when I said you’d hear about the Naija men I’ve almost or never dated. We’ll make this the Friday feature (don’t worry, I don’t know that many guys so this will be over before long).

I’ll go through the Nigerian men I’ve almost dated in reverse order, starting with the most recent.

Last year, I met a guy on that horrible dating site I already mentioned. It wasn’t love at first sight: I could tell he was a decent guy—Christian, hardworking, educated—but in a couple of areas I could tell we were not going to be anything more than friends. He couldn’t really carry a conversation and we just had nothing in common. I am sort of playful and joking and he just didn’t really jive with me in that respect.

And he insisted that our first meeting be at a McDonalds! I forgive him for that (it was apparently the only place he felt confident getting to without getting lost, even though the coffee shop I suggested was pretty close to the McDonald’s. Our conversation was boring and I eventually encouraged him to talk about his ex because to be honest I just wanted him to talk about something that he could carry on a conversation about. Oh, and physically we were pretty mismatched too: he was tall (good) and very skinny (bad), while I’m a big girl. If I ever tripped and landed on him I’d crush his lungs for sure. Guys whose slenderness make me feel larger than usual never grab me. Every girl (or is it just me?) wants to feel like her man can and will shelter her from the world if needed.

We met again because I felt like I owed it to him to let him know how I felt, and this time we met at the coffee shop I had suggested for our first “date”. We talked a bit and then he came around to asking how I felt about a relationship and I told him that I couldn’t see one happening, despite thinking that he was a good guy. He asked if it had anything about him talking about his ex at our first meeting and I could honestly tell him no. I just had no interested in him in that way. Every now and then he messages me on yahoo and I have to keep the conversation going. I ran into him once at a bus station and we exchanged greetings, but again, no sizzle.

No regrets.


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