Love seeking


When you’ve been single for as long as I have, it’s easy to give up, to stop believing that God has the right person waiting for you. Someone who will complete you in a way that can’t even be put into words. (And no, the implication is not that you were not a full person before him, but rather that having that special person in your life will will greatly enhance your life).

So I start thinking that maybe my standards are too high, maybe what I want isn’t important in the grand scheme of things. I wonder about the few guys I could have dated and I wonder, did I let a good one go?

Maybe, but I doubt it.

When I’m feeling hopeless and full of despair, and wondering if it’ll ever happen for me, I watch this slideshow of the engagement of the Atlanta photographer, Ross Oscar Knight. He got engaged last summer to a woman that he adores, whose every accomplishment he seems to take pride in. You can watch the slide show here, and read some of the backstory here.

I deserve a guy who I can be silly with, one who will want to treat me like a queen, knowing full well that I would not hesitate to treat him like a king. I want a man who honours me enough that he would wash my feet, that he’d want to do something over the top to show how much he cares for and cherishes me. I recognize that this was Knight’s thing, and I’m not searching for someone exactly like him. Instead, I want the man who will show me in his own way that I am his beloved, that I am cherished and valued above all others in his life.

I continue to wait with hope.

3 Responses to “Love seeking”

  1. 1 isaiah

    i wish u gud luck.and,i knw u’ll get the right guy oneday.
    i’m also hopin!
    take care

  2. 2 GoodNaijaGirl

    Thanks, Isaiah! I hope you find the right person for you too!

  3. I once thot my ideals were too high…..
    I tried (still hoping) to salvage a relationship (oops, my first)…..
    I believe so much that the picture one has of the other in their ‘minds i’ does exist…..
    I agree “…and wondering if it’ll ever happen for me,…”

    However, I believe patience has great virtue (Surulere); only…..while we wait, we should learn THE lesson we ought to in every relationships/ friendships we have (& still have). There is always a lesson to learn.

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