The men I never dated – it started with the blog


Ok, this guy was an Ibo man and we met because of blogging. He was new to my city and I guess he was googling something about Nigerian parties and my blog (not this one) popped up.

He left a comment, we moved to exchanging emails, talking on the phone and eventually we met.

Then he dropped the bomb: he had a girlfriend. I was so crushed because this guy was pretty damn perfect in my eyes: he was taller than I, he was quite North Americanized, he was smart (huge turn on to me). He was actually too smart and in retrospect I bet he thought I was the dumbest girl around. Our relationship never moved past friendship, although many times I prayed that he would get rid of his girlfriend and realize the treasure he hung out with occasionally.

He was a sweet guy and my first massage was a gift from him (um, no he didn’t do the massage o!). He was very gentlemanly and really it was no surprise that he had a girlfriend. His girlfriend didn’t live in the country though so I got to see him more often that I would have perhaps if she had lived near by.

There were times when I thought that maybe something was happening, but it was always in my head. He wasn’t much taller than I was but he made me feel protected and like “the woman” when went out. Oh and he had a really nice body. I have to admit he would never be called hot but to me he was perfect.

Things got awkward as they always do when I like someone but don’t tell him that I do. I get moody and distant, then I remind myself that the guy has no idea that I like him and go back to treating him like a good old buddy. While the guy is usually not at all aware of my changes in mood, this guy was and we exchanged a few emails that were just…awkward, like we both knew what was going on but no one wanted to spell it out. I think his girlfriend knew I liked him and I think she told him.

Anyways, the girlfriend came to town, moved here actually, but we had pretty much stopped corresponding by then. I heard that they broke up after a couple of years but it’s too late for he and I.

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  1. Eyaa….. but, seems to me we meet ‘these’ people so, ’twill be much easier (for us0 when we meet the particular one.

    Interesting story line though.

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