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When it comes to online dating, I think I am stricter than I would be with someone in person. Schichere mentioned that she cannot abide guys who shell/tabon when talking and I feel the same way about written English. I know my own English is not always on point but I try. So when it […]

I am currently reading the book on the left, Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic: How to Meet and Marry Your Match (yes, another library loan) and you have to read it. Ok, maybe you don’t have to but it sure has some good tips on things you should make sure you have in order before […]

I finished reading this book on finding a man last week or the week before, Why Mr. Right Can’t Find You (thrifty Naija woman that I am, I have borrowed this book from the library). This is another practical book about why Mr. Right might be having trouble finding you, but I feel like it […]

How sad that my series on the men I never dated is coming to an end. Today’s story is fairly short, but it’s unique because this was the first guy who met me in person first (no online stuff first) and seemed interested in getting to know me (perhaps ‘seemed’ is the operative word here). […]

I am somewhat harsh towards Nigerian men who live in Nigeria, particularly if they answer an ad that I have on an online dating site because I have specifically mentioned that I’m looking to meet someone that I can meet in person sooner rather than later. Other reasons I’d be leery of becoming emotionally attached […]

Living at home


I’m single, I live in the same city as my parents and so I live at home. I’m nearly 29. Does this make me weird? Some of my oyinbo friends think so, because the one thing they were looking forward to once they left school and joined the working force was moving into an apartment […]

Thanks for coming back! Here’s Part II of the story started here: Obi continued to call and we had some good conversations. He was thinking of moving to my city after school was finished and he was coming down to look at apartments a few months later, in April, and we agreed to meet up […]