Naija wedding music?


My command of Yoruba is very rough, however I understand enough of some songs to want them played at my wedding. The songs I can’t seem to get enough of right now are Oruka by Sunny Nneji and Mase by Styl-Plus.

Here they are:

This would be a great song to dance to with your loved one during the reception. I only heard it played at one of the four Naija weddings I attended so maybe the song has been overplayed so much that it should be avoided.

Although the gist of this song is the guy is telling his girl not to listen to those people who are talking behind his back and sort of discrediting him, but rather to believe in their love, I can’t get enough of it, and it works for a wedding, right? Especially if you’re marrying a man or woman that your family and friends still think isn’t the right pesin for you, even on the wedding day (lol).


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