Finding love is not easy


I joined a dating site that caters to Africans and the men and women who like them not too long ago and so far I have been approached by men that do not meet the criteria that I have set out about nationality (Nigerian), religion (Christian) and age (28-33). I don’t like to be rude so when somebody who does not meet any of the criteria sends me a message, the first thing I say is to thank them for their interest and tell them that I am looking for different criteria at this time. Most of the men try to convince me that an age difference of 9-15 years is not a big deal, or that the fact that he lives in [insert European or African country] and I live in Canada will not be a problem. To that I say: please. I am sick of meeting guys who live on the other side of the world, talking to them for days and months, only to have things fizzle because I didn’t want to be so attached to someone I couldn’t meet for years.

That being said, I met someone. He’s Yoruba, taller than I am and likes fuller figures. He’s 34 (too old according to my criteria), and was born in a Muslim household (another big no-no according to me). He also lives in Europe, which makes that the third strike if we’re counting. But there’s something very decent about him that I stayed up a long time talking to him online. He called the day after our online chat and although our conversation was brief, this guy’s character and sense of humour was confirmed to me (and both seem very good).

I won’t be pursuing this but if those three strikes weren’t there, I’d definitely be making my interest known. I’m hoping this guy will settle for being friends and I can put my ability to give good advice to use and set him up with a nice Naija girl. Or maybe he can set me up with a friend of his in Canada!


3 Responses to “Finding love is not easy”

  1. Man oh man… life is tough o. It is not easy, but when we’re in this situation, it’s easy to settle. And we can’t! EVER! We must be strong…. *sigh*

  2. This might be a stupid question, but, why limit yourself to Nigerian men? I’m not knocking your choice, its just that God might have other plans for you. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck.

    BTW, are there a lot of Nija folks in Canada?

    Nice blog by the way. I am really enjoying reading your posts.

  3. 3 Oya

    Hi GoodNaijaGirl,

    First time reader here. You sound just like me! Naija-Canadian late 20s and wondering why I haven not met Mr. Right. It is not easy o!

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