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Ok, so the entry below this one is password protected. That’s not because I don’t think you’re fabulous and don’t want you to read it, but because I want to have some control over who is reading it, and basically prevent the one it’s about from reading it. When you read the entry you will […]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

“Let me cook for you” Someone please tell me they have had their Naija man cook for them? An entire meal where you did not have to make any of it. Bonus points if he: served the food too tried cooking oyinbo food for you (at your request, or because he knows you like it) […]

I did a search on a dating site for men that fit the criteria that I’m looking for with respect to age and location and one guy’s status says that he’s married. I’m so glad that he’s not letting a small thing like marriage stop him from looking for love :) – – – – […]

I said I’d be talking about this next, so here we go. In Misunderstood?, I mentioned that some guy told me that he was afraid that I was looking for a man who was well established to spoil me. On a Nigerian forum that I am on, some of the men insist that we Naija […]

I am Good Naija Girl and I am looking for love on the internet. (Hi Good Naija Girl!) I chose the internet not because I think online love is particularly romantic, but because I live in an area where the kind of man I want to meet (Nigerian, preferably Yoruba, legally able to live in […]



When my friend who knows I’ve joined some dating sites asked how the whole process was going, I had to tell her the story of how I met this guy who lives only a few hours away and how he seemed to be what I was looking for (at least based on first impressions sha). […]