Getting to know one another


So I’ve been talking to this guy for a few days now and things seem ok. He’s pretty confident without seeming cocky, he’s funny and seems to get my jokes (a requirement). I am still nervous that a face to face meeting will not go well because there will be no chemistry (on both parts) but what’s the point of worrying, right?

I must admit that in the past few days I have not been following the tenets of the latest book on men that I’m reading, Why Men Love Bitches. According to that book, I probably shouldn’t talk with him on the phone for long and not more than once every couple of days. I have broken both rules. I also should not put myself down or say anything that might suggest that I don’t think I’m the best thing out there. I’ve broken that rule too! It is very hard to act ooze this confidence that the book talks of.

I’m eager to meet him so we can figure out if this is another guy for my TMIND series or if I might actually get a boyfriend out of the deal. Past experience suggests that this is in the former category but that isn’t very positive thinking on my part, is it?

So, my goal is to meet him by the end of the month. He lives about an hour away by plane, or 5 hours by train. The sooner the better because all this cute stuff he’s saying is totally going to my head. Totally.


3 Responses to “Getting to know one another”

  1. 1 Oya

    ehen! now I see why u have not contacted me. Lol, but now I get ur info so I’ll contact you. I’m glad that things are going well with this guy. Don’t u just love it when u first meet someone and all the possibilities it brings….

  2. 2 Rayo

    Whooo such excitement. I suggest you start practicing the lessons taught in Why Men Love Bitches…they really do work! And please, do play up yourself. Even if you have to bring out your alter-ego in order to appear confident etc., then do it….well, at least for the first couple of dates.

  3. Well, i am created to break all instructions (rules) in self-help books. Oops, that makes me not uncommon though.

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