Things on a dating profile that make me click away


If …

  • the guy is older than 35 (too old)
  • he has children (it’s not an absolute deal breaker but I do pray that the man God has in mind for me does not have any children)
  • he is separated (again, I pray that a man who is divorced is not in my future but since separation is the first stage towards being divorced, I try to avoid these fellows)
  • his picture shows a bare chest (I can’t help it: I automatically think “he’s conceited and thinks he’s got a great body”)
  • his highest completed education is highschool
  • he doesn’t have a profile picture (looks aren’t a big deal to me but nobody has an excuse in this day and age to not post a picture)
  • he’s a smoker

What are your deal breakers?


4 Responses to “Things on a dating profile that make me click away”

  1. 1 Rayo

    I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before but I can’t stand bad grammar and short descriptions.
    I also can’t tolerate profiles where there is no picture…oh wait, you already said that lol
    I also don’t like it when the person has a profile picture posted that includes more people than him (i.e-his much more attractive friend). first I have to investigate to find out which one he is…and then if the other person in the pic is more attractive I automatically become more interested in the other person.

  2. since we are describing shallow dislikes, mine is if a man’s shorter than me.

    (sorry for the backhanded comment)

  3. 3 GoodNaijaGirl

    @ Rayo – I read a funny story about a guy who posted a picture of himself with a bunch of other people, said he was one of the hotter guys in the pic and then when the woman met him in person and expressed surprise at his looks, he told her “I said I was the one beside the one in the red shirt, not the one in the red shirt!” although he had actually said he was the hottie in the red shirt!

    @ Abbie – ouch! Point taken though…although surely wanting a non-smoker isn’t shallow? :)

  4. It’s great that you have a list to start with. Not too many people will say that they have one, let alone share it with others. I don’t have any deal breakers to share. Yours sound like a good starting point – I tend to agree for the most part. Hey, Bill Gates doesn’t have a college degree.

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