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I love romance. I won’t even try to pretend that I don’t get excited when I hear that someone I know gets engaged. Even if I don’t know the person, I get excited. And it’s not just Nigerian weddings that get me excited, all of them do. As an idealist, I’m excited at the thought that yet another person has found his or her true love, the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. I think of all the excitement that is in store for them as they plan their wedding, decide exactly where they will live and how they will organize their new life together, and figure out the mundane things like who will clean the bathrooms, and who will do the cooking.

(If being a good Naija girl means I must want to do the cooking then I’ve been lying to you all along: I am no good Naija girl!)

I can’t remember how I got into checking out wedding sites, but I know that I didn’t really get into it until I was sent links to Nigerian weddings. Then I became hooked! And as more people found out how much I loved accessing the sites, reading their story and jealously viewing the pictures of the engagement, wedding and thanksgiving ceremonies for the weddings that had passed, people on the forums I was on would send me links to more websites. To say I’ve spied on at least 50 couples’ sites would not be an exaggeration.

The one site that really captured my heart though, was the wedding of Busola Ashiru and David Filchak. I’m so sad to see that the slideshow of their wedding is no longer online because it was truly beautiful. Ashiru is clearly Nigerian; David is an oyinbo man, but that didn’t stop him from participating fully in the engagement ceremony and when he does his dobale with his groomsmen (most of whom are oyinbo too if I’m not mistaken) to her family, noses almost to the floor, I can barely keep it together. His family also participated in the ceremony, with the bride to be (Busola) going to them and kneeling before them and they doing what they need to do (anyone who can explain all the elements of the Yoruba engagement ceremony please do!). I also loved the pictures where they both come out wearing traditional at the wedding reception.

If I could meet a man who would be fully willing to learn about and be interested in my culture, I’d be in heaven. Naturally I think that’s why it would be easier to marry a Nigerian or even a Yorubaman since hopefully he’d already have that built-in desire in him but I can’t deny that whenever I’d watch (well used to watch, how dare they take it down!) the slideshow of the Ashiru-Filchak wedding, and see him and his family participating so fully, with nothing but joy and happiness in their eyes, my heart melts.

I wish they had a blog.


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  1. Hey babes, Nice blog you got her. I would have loved to see this site you are gushing about. Why don’t you add the link somewhere so I can at least see the wedding site (even without the slide show. It’s ok)
    I love weddings too…sure you can tell!

  2. 2 anonymousgal

    Obssesion/stalkin lol.

  3. 3 ayo

    that nice i would love to be a part of these, my mail is

  4. I’m going to bed now (It’s 10:06pm) but not before I tell you I’m going to add you to my google reader. Nigerian Wedding website have made a stalking fool out of me as well. I’m hooked! I guess the universe is trying to tell me my turn’s coming soon. In any case, I’m embracing my stalkishness with glee and learning so much in the process.

    PS: I even bookmarked a few for references. Psycho? Yes. Never said I was sane.

  5. 5 friends08

    check out this wedding website

  6. What is the password for the website?

  7. 7 Oludemilade Omisore

    Naija wedding websites have really made a fool of me as well….

    They are amazing….

  8. 8 A bit of a naija wedding site freak

    OMGoodness!!! I thought I was a weirdo! I love the internet, it makes me feel normal! lol I identify with everything you wrote, hell I could have wrote that my own self! Whenever I’m in the mood, I can watch marathons of all kinds of wedding shows! I absolutely love looking at Naija weddings too! But I have trouble actually finding some to look at. So if you could please forward whatever it is that you use, or just a couple to get me started I would so appreciate it.

  9. 9 Bobby

    Well…..I agree with most of the things you said. Anyway, thanks!

  10. 10 Hiro

    Thanks very much for your interesting post. Will be back in the future.

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