Two options


There are two general ideas of what I should do about the situation I’m paranoid (there seems to be consensus on that word) about.

One, I ignore all contact from the guy and hope he stops calling.


Two, I respond to his phone call or maybe email and let him know that I’m flattered by his interest but unfortunately I’ve met someone and am not looking right now.

Each option has its pros and cons. With option one, I’m afraid he’ll become angry with my rudeness, contact a friend he has in my city and have this friend call me to see if I pick up. If I do pick up, then he’ll curse me and try to hunt me down. (You know, because after 20 minutes of talking to me online he’s of course fallen madly in love with me…after all, there are no women like Naija women, right?)

Ok, maybe my life isn’t a movie and I should chill ehn? However, now everything that happens has a more sinister meaning: I received a call from a number in my city that I didn’t recognize yesterday afternoon and since I didn’t recognize the number I didn’t pick it up (new rule). The person didn’t leave a message but around 11pm the same person called 3 times in a row. Could it be him? Maybe he owns cell phones for both my city and the city he claims to live in and he’s outside my window calling me?

(Overactive imagination…don’t mind me)

So because of the above, I’m leaning toward option two: I reply to the email he sent and simply say that I am flattered by his interest but I’m not interested in pursuing a relationship at this time. Or I could say that I’m talking to someone somewhat seriously and want to focus on that. I’ll wish him luck on his search and we both go our merry ways. Although, maybe the phone call I received from him yesterday was the last one and I should just not contact him! So confusing.

And for all I know the local number that keeps dialing me is a friend who got a new cell phone number!

What do you think?

Next up on GNG: all about putting a disclaimer on your blog.


4 Responses to “Two options”

  1. I see reason to you calling him back and explaining, but that explanation is somehow sha…remember you did the buzzing first…let’s think of something more …you know…lol… tell him you also buzzed another guy and u’ve fallen madly in-love with the other one already…lol… but u’re still flattered…(i’m wondering which one of us have the more active imagination). I still don’t think the guy is in anyway violent sha…his just fruadulent like that…and maybe i’m thinking about those nigerian internet scammers…i’ve found out those people are not necessarily bad or violent people, just lazy asses looking for a quick way to make money…

  2. 2 Oya

    If it was a friend with a new phone calling, they would have left a message. I still say ignore the guy. As S Chic says they are not violent. Naija guys are known to be persistent, they seem to like women that play hard to get. If u give em an inch they take a foot so don’t feed into it by contacting him or picking up his calls.

  3. 3 moi

    I agree with Oya, ignore the guy and HOPEFULLY he gets the picture!

  4. Just ignore him totally!!!!!
    Resist d temptation 2 email him.

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