Time for a disclaimer, don’t you think?


Blogs are here to stay, with over 100 million of them around. I’ve read the blogs of some people who had disclaimers up, and I sort of thought it was overkill. Surely everyone understands that what is written on someone’s blog is their own personal view and opinions? Surely it doesn’t need to be spelled out?

Some people even go so far in their disclaimers to ask that if someone who knows them finds their blog, they should be kind enough to let them know. I try to write my blog as if someone close to me will find it. I mean if you’re internet savvy and your friends or family are too (or if you share a computer!) then chances are good that you will be found. No one likes to hear or read bad things about themselves but this is the real world and just because you didn’t read it in a blog doesn’t mean someone isn’t saying or thinking it about you.

(I’m one of the most sensitive people around and I hate hearing bad things about me but I know there are people out there who can’t stand me so I know that even if I never hear it, there are some negative things out there.)

In my case, I don’t think my parents would be shocked to discover that there are those men I never dated because well, my mom knows about most of them. I have never hidden the fact that I was looking online or that I liked the guy at the Nigerian party, so I don’t think she’d be surprised. My dad may not know as much detail as my mom but I don’t think he’d be surprised either. I think they would be dismayed that I would share so much with people who don’t even know me (my parents aren’t fond of too much disclosure despite the fact they lead lives they’re proud of). My dad would also wonder how I could spend this much time writing a blog, but I can’t commit to accomplishing any of my other goals with as much dedication (he is a Naija father through and through!). But other than that, I don’t think a big reveal would shock or embarrass anyone I’m close to.

Anyways, why all this preamble? Because I’ve come up with my own disclaimer, subject to change every three minutes when I feel like changing it. I just want people who read this blog to know that I am never ever talking about every Nigerian guy who exists in the entire world, past or present when I say something negative. I love Nigerian men. I want to marry and date one (or two, well for the dating part at least, not the marrying part!). I bear them no ill will but I won’t pretend that they are perfect, or that there aren’t some traits that are unique to some Nigerian men that I have issues with. But guess what? Despite their quirks (and when I use “them” “their” “they’re”, etc, I never mean ALL), we Nigerian women love them, and so do lots and lots of non-Nigerian women too!

Here is my disclaimer:

***Warning: this blog is not meant to be taken too seriously. A lot of what I write is tongue-in-cheek, and I know there are exceptions to every rule I mention. This blog’s goal is to share truths from my life but I reserve the right to write it in a way that conveys the truth humourously and with self deprecation. If you take everything you read here at face value you will soon leave the blog frustrated. And that would be sad because that was not my intention.***

So, don’t let the views on this blog be the reason you hate me, especially if the reasons for hating me have to do with you thinking that I hate Nigerian men, culture, or people. Instead, I’d suggest you hate me because I’m lazy, often late and I sound oyinbo when speaking Yoruba.

(Oh, you can also find my disclaimer at the top of my about page too, right over here.)


3 Responses to “Time for a disclaimer, don’t you think?”

  1. lol @ ur disclaimer, but I get d point.

  2. Hey can i use this too? …lol…

  3. Fascinating……simply, However, ‘twould have been much more intriguing if you hadn’t expanciated on “I want to marry and date one”. Interesting post all the same.

    For me, i need no disclaimer, if they like not my blog (or what i write) ouch! sorry (to ’em) but, they ought to know that “Facts are sacred, opinions are personal”. There’s nothing one can do about either.


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