Are you serious about looking for love?


If you’re looking to find a good man or woman and you’re open to meeting people online, and open to trying something new, then you must go and visit S Chic.

She has set up a very interesting experiment; you should go and get the details over at her place. If you are interested, you fill out a profile answering the following questions and submit it to her by email. She will then do the work to pair you up with someone who has expressed interest in your profile and the two of you can take it from there. I think this is a great idea, and if you know people who are interested in meeting someone, they should give this a try. After all, we all know members of the opposite sex that we would never date but that we’d happily set up with someone if we knew anyone. Well here’s your chance to help someone out!

Here are the profile questions your single and looking friend (or you!) can fill out:

Faith: Presbyterian Pentecostal Catholic J. Witness Others
Resident Country:
Country of Origin:
Age range of partner you seek:
Please indicate if you are interested only in someone in your country of residence or anywhere:
Would you like to describe yourself? If so, please do so briefly
Are you looking for specifics in a partner? If so, please explain:
e-mail (will not be displayed on the profile page)

Send the answers by email to S Chic: sassiechic at gmail dot com and she’ll do the rest!

This isn’t a joke though, so only serious people should consider putting their name in. I might even be convinced to do so, even despite yesterday’s entry. Today is a new day, after all!

Oh, it’s the last day to click your heart out so please, head here and follow the instructions. Thank you again!


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