We didn’t win but we were close!


Well dear people, we didn’t win a facelift for Good Naija Girl, nor did we win the second place prize, which was a custom header, but we were in third or fourth place depending on how she calculates it (check it out here) and we get…nothing!

Actually, I lied: participants in this contest get a discount off the cost of a site design if they decide to go with Delicious Design Studios so that’s not too shabby.

I just want to thank everyone who participated and tried to click their way into the heart of this awesome web designer. Y’all were so supportive. Better luck next time, abi that’s what we have to say to console ourselves. :)


4 Responses to “We didn’t win but we were close!”

  1. eyaaa…as much clicking away as we did huh? ma worry, better luck next time…

  2. 2 sherri

    pele dear.

  3. 3 moi

    I tried!

  4. 4 stbloke

    so we r down to the ‘paying for it’ option aint we? Call me a prophet… hmmmpf

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