Two more things that irk me about online dating profiles


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*I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if you’re going to rate yourself as Attractive or Very attractive, please make sure that somebody other than your mother would agree with your assessment!

I’m not even big on looks (as long as I’m physically attracted to the guy) yet the slew of men with double chins, horrible smiles and unfortunate features calling themselves attractive or better makes me want to scream. If you’re going to call yourself attractive, this means that the general population should think you’re good looking, and to be considered very attractive, you better look like a black movie star. If no one ever comments on your looks, chances are you’re average or slightly above, but certainly not Very Attractive! Am I wrong?

*People (women especially) who are carrying a good 50-75 extra pounds on their frames and are calling themselves “slightly overweight”. I actually snatched one woman’s picture from the dating site and asked Ruthie if she would rate her as overweight or slightly so and of course the answer was the former. I would define slightly overweight as someone carrying an extra 10-20 pounds, and not an ounce more. Maybe I’m just crazy though…

(Keep in mind that I have a double chin in the making, many extra pounds and I call myself Average and Overweight. I believe in being as honest as possible when dealing with people online.)

Of course, these judgments about attractiveness and size are completely relative. Perhaps the man who calls his very average self attractive is surrounded by people far less physically appealing than himself, so by those standards he is a hottie. And maybe the babe carrying an extra 60 pounds has only friends that are twice her size so that compared to them she’s only slightly overweight.

I guess it’s really the “beholder” who will decide what is attractive and what is overweight in the end.


7 Responses to “Two more things that irk me about online dating profiles”

  1. So, people have to rate their looks? That’s not fair. Most would be biased and others too modest in their assessment.

  2. lol, sometimes it’s just deluded confidence.
    I tend to be more on the modest side that way I set realistic expectations and if when I happen to meet him, he thinks I’m a dime then all the better. Better safe than sorry.

  3. 3 Oya

    Well, its in the eyes of the beholder but it’s nice to see what people think of themselves. If a guy that is clearly unattractive rates himself as very attractive then we know his perception of his looks is clearly warped and who knows what else he is overly confident/cocky about. But then again if a guy is clearly attractive and he rates himself as average then it could be that his self confidence is a bit on the low side or he is simply trying not to appear cocky. I think its good that people are allowed to rate themselves…Its good to see if what we think matches what they think.

  4. Ummm…. you wanted me to comment, so here it is… haha jk.

    I completely agree with you in that sense. However, I don’t think one should have to rate his or herself. Like Oya says, it can go either way. Warped or low self esteem. The picture should speak for itself. If, hypothetically, I were to join a dating site and look at the picture, being attracted would make me want to contact him, as opposed to his self-rating. And without a picture, I do not look anyway, regardless of the self-rating, because, again, he could be warped or have low esteem.

  5. I wonder when a positive self image becomes deception…

  6. 6 sting

    LOL……… hey, they think they’re attractive now. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder abi?

  7. It can’t be easy to rate oneself…I would probably write on mine….

    Sexiest girl this side of the pond…..afterall you know not what pond I am talking about…I might be the only babe there….

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