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In the last while, there have been bloggers who have been mixing reality with fiction on their blogs, doing it so well in fact that many readers believe what they are reading to be true. I am impressed with the talent that so many of these writers have, that ability to move seamlessly between reality […]

My Big Fat Greek Wedding made me think of another dilemma that Nigerian children are sometimes faced with: what to study in school and what career path to select. For some children this isn’t a dilemma because the choice has already been made: these children grow up knowing exactly which professions are acceptable for them […]

Remember that confession I made that had some random guy questioning the kind of person I was? I told him that he didn’t have to worry because the bobo had lost interest. Some people wanted some details on what I was talking about, and here goes. There isn’t really much to say, I’m afraid. We […]

With the exception of one of my mother’s brothers who lives in Italy, all of our relatives live in Nigeria. (There is one cousin of my mother’s who lives in the same city as us but his story makes me ill so we’ll just ignore him.) It has been hard growing up so far away […]

A lot of my friends are oyinbo (white) but I have friends from other cultures too. One of my closest friends happens to be Serbian and from the moment I met her over 12 years ago, she has always gotten me involved in her culture: at dinners her family would host, they would have just […]



This is no biggie but I’ve been talking on msn to this guy. Like I said, I deleted him on msn but I didn’t block him so that if he wanted to message me, he still could. The first few times we talked after his confession, I was a bit cold but then I thought […]

Have you ever developed an interest in something because it was a passion or interest of a person you were interested in? I totally have. For example, there’s this one guy who I had an intellectual crush on (another GNG term?). I never actually saw myself with the guy o, that would have ruined everything! […]