Two women for the price of one?


This past weekend I attended the 40th birthday party of a lovely Naija woman in the community. It was a nice affair, but we (my sister and I) knew there would be nobody there our age and we were pretty much right. The celebrant’s three children are age 10 and below so there were mostly kids around those ages around. Sadly this man I never dated didn’t show up. If some of those guys would hurry up and grow up perhaps I could be persuaded to wait for them sha.

(Desperate times call for desperate measures!)

Near the end of the night, I was clearing our table off to help the people who organized the party and I sort glanced in the direction of this guy a couple of times. It was so unplanned and I wasn’t looking at him in particular at all (you know how it is), just in that direction (ok, I was actually looking at this other guy who was collecting some decorations, but I think he’s taken). Anyway, the decorations guy was collecting particular decorations and I found one hidden away so I went to give it to him and he thanked me and I left. But the guy I accidentally kept looking at was around there so maybe he thought I deliberately came his way?

Anyways, after my cleaning was done, my sister and I were sitting at our bare table, waiting for our mother to finish saying her goodbyes so we could leave. Who should come over but the guy I kept looking at accidentally!

I liked his confidence, coming up to two hotties (haha), and he was funny. He first asked where we were from and when I told him Naija he was shocked; according to him we don’t look Naija (and I’m sure hearing us speak didn’t help!). He asked if we were out of school and when we said yes, he expressed surprise and said I looked about 22 and my sister 21, shaving 7 and 6 years off our actual ages (I’m betting alcohol may have impaired his judgment). We exchanged a few more words and then he asked for our phone numbers.

Keep in mind he had established that we were sisters. Am I the only who finds it weird that he asked for both our numbers? Maybe he was networking, or maybe he took pity on me (My sister is considered the “fine one”, and I am the friendly/social one who was responding to his questions, while my sister couldn’t really hear him because of the music, and she later told me she had ruled him out because he was too short. Me, I know that beggars can’t be choosers so I at least wanted to see what he was like.)

My sister doesn’t have a cell phone and she didn’t want to give our home number so I told him he could call my cell phone and ask for my sister if he wanted to talk to her (I think she was the reason he came over to us). I’ll give him points for saying something like “No, no I couldn’t do that”.

So, I actually gave my phone number to a guy who may call and ask to talk to my sister. How cool am I? It was nice to interact with another person my age, even though it was just for 10 minutes.

There’s another 40th birthday coming up this weekend and here’s hoping that I have more luck.


15 Responses to “Two women for the price of one?”

  1. 1 Oya

    Lol @ looking at someone accidentally! uhuh :)
    So Aside from being too short was the bobo fine? Maybe he has some taller friends for you sand your sister.

  2. lol@ beggars can’t be chosers, A beg o aburo, don’t settle o!!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed over that guy you never dated. Hopefully you’ll meet him at the next party. It’s a shame that some Nigerian men think a female is too “forward” if she makes the first move (these stupid games) otherwise I would advice you to get that guy you never dated’s number AS SOON AS YOU SEE HIM AGAIN.

  3. lol@…. beggars can’t be choosers.
    where your faith girl, lol!!!
    dont worry, on your next outing , u ll c HIM (oya say AMEN) lol!!!

  4. Am currently reading a book-Half of a yellow sun by Chimamanda Adichie and this post reminded me of the two sisters-Olanna and Kainene.
    Babe, Olanna was the prettier sister but there was still a ahndsome man-Richard that fell for Kainene.
    Your sis may be finer but there are also other beautiful things about u that men will see.
    keep ur fingers crossed.
    The next party may be ur show.

  5. 5 Oya

    Make una no mind her. She is a fine girl!

  6. 6 Mz. Dee

    Lol, this is hilarious… let us know when he calls plz!
    Wud love to hear wat he sayz!
    U never know… it just might be u he wants to talk to..
    And i hate wen i hv to go to all those grown up thingz.. my mum makes me go every single time..itz durin those moments i rilly appreciate my ipod..
    Love ur postz!

  7. 7 Mz. Dee

    @Aphrodite.. i just hv to say.. isnt that book just simply awesome????? I totali love it!

  8. 8 sherri

    accidental lookery?lol
    how u dey?

  9. See you being modest, the guy is most likely interested in you. You were the one who looked accidentally. You were the one who was ‘chatty’; your pretty sister had that ‘Naomi-Campbell-at-a-crummy-party face on’; so you were definitely more appealing. Not forgetting the fact that sis thought he was too short and was probably staring at him like he was a toad or something. You had walked close to him so he had had the chance to examine ‘the package’ close-up. Then of course he said he would not be calling you to speak with her. So expect your call… I hope he has a cute face to go with the not-so-cute height though.
    nuff said

  10. @Oya. Tell me how fine is she self?

  11. 11 rethots

    Fascinating……”My sister is considered the “fine one”, and I am the friendly/social one…” What a combo.

    Hope he took his blodness to the next level sha?

  12. 12 GoodNaijaGirl

    @rethots – No o! The fellow didn’t call. Proof, perhaps, that he wanted the fine sister afterall :)

  13. 13 stbloke

    u scared him with pessimism. @u all the finer sista/broda doesnt need to be pleasant, we get the attention regardless…lol (now i am really askin for it)

  14. babe ur own will come o!i totally feel you sa….i have plenty fine friends and i have meet guys who wanted to chat me up so they could get to my friends!

  15. lol at accidently looking at somebody. He was really trying to get 2 for the price of one, he should have specified now who he wanted to speak with.
    Anyway better luck at this next party, me too im hitting up the party circuits this weekend.

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