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I was tagged by Sting and when she tags, I dare not refuse.

The rules:
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  • I get freaked out by cracks anywhere: on the ground, on a face, in a building. My skin just crawls when I’m faced with a network of them. Vichy’s ads in particular freak me out, like this one for Podexine:

    I can’t find their freakiest ad but if I ever do, I will put it up here.
  • I walked at 7 months of age, faster than all my siblings.
  • I know the alphabet in sign language. I learned it when I was about 8 years old and I still practice it now and again so I don’t lose it. I’ve never had to use it though.
  • I’m terrible at remembering faces. I have had people come up to me and say hi to me by name and it’s truly like I’ve never seen them before, even if I used to see them regularly. When I see people out of the place I expect to see them I’m confused (eg. seeing your doctor at the grocery store).
  • I hate most bugs and will call my (younger) sister to kill spiders and remove bugs from my room.
  • I’ve never said “I love you” in Yoruba to anyone.

I’ll be back later with more more substance. And I guess I’m going to meme hell for not tagging anyone but I’m a rebel like that!


8 Responses to “Tag: I’m it!”

  1. That picture up there, sure is creepy!
    Say ‘I love you’ in Yoruba? Now, why would you wanna do that? Lol. Just asking.

  2. ‘Mo fe ran e’, hmmm……

  3. 3 schic

    lol…haba gng…saying i love u in yoruba ke? Please did anyone tell u that’s how it’s done now?..lol…I have a problem saying it in english sef, now that u mention yoruba, maybe i can try that oh…lol..ok, maybe not…just tried saying it to my computer and it just didn’t sound rite…lol…

  4. 4 Oya

    eww! thats thats a really gross pic.

  5. I had a problem saying I love you period. Still do, but now I know I mean it so it’s getting easier.

  6. 6 sting

    LOL @ saying not i love u in Yoruba. What happened to English? How many times have u said i love u in English? Oya, confess.

    The picture of that crack is disgusting. I got goosebumps just looking at it.

  7. That’s a really gross pic for real, i dont think i’ve ever seen that ad before.
    I hate ALL bugs and scream like a little girl when i see them.
    Yeah like Sting said what we really want to know is how many times youve said it in engish…come confess :)

  8. I hate photos like that…Ohmigosh…anything that has to do with skin or a body part in really close-up shot freaks the hell outta me.

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