Things we’ve done for “love”


Have you ever developed an interest in something because it was a passion or interest of a person you were interested in?

I totally have.

For example, there’s this one guy who I had an intellectual crush on (another GNG term?). I never actually saw myself with the guy o, that would have ruined everything! He is so small I could put him in my pocket but I loved the way he wrote (he’s a blogger and one of those whose words can really touch you). Well his love of a certain artist (Tracy Chapman) is pretty legendary so because of that, I decided to look her up.

Like I’ve said before, I’m cheap and lazy and I wanted the easiest way to get exposure to this artist without having to spend hours downloading a bunch of tunes (proof, perhaps that I wasn’t in love with this bobo). So, I went to the library and borrowed some of her cds waited a few weeks for other cds to come in and, um, copied them to my computer (shhhhh…)

The first few times I listened to all this new music, I stuck to the songs I already knew (Fast Car, Talkin’ About A Revolution and Give Me One Reason) which I liked, and skimmed over the newer ones. But then I listened to the songs and I just fell in love with her voice and the messages in a lot of her songs. Tracy is the best companion if you’re spending a rainy day in the house, or if you want some background music when you blog or even read (if you have it turned down low enough). Of course when I discovered that Ashiru/Filchak used one of her songs, The Promise, in their wedding slideshow, I fell in love with the song and with Tracy a bit more.

With this guy I never dated, I tried to come across as more aware of current events and things that were happening in science.

In both cases, I discovered things that I actually ended up enjoying: a new musical artist and knowing more about what’s going on in the world of science. I must admit that now that I’m finished school and the latter guy is no longer in my life I no longer check out the science news regularly, though I have a better idea of what is going on in the world now.

It’s hard not to try to get interested in something the object of your affection is interested in, because you want to find a connection with them and you want them to like you. I watched Juno tonight and something was said on the topic of love got me thinking. A character in the movie says something along the lines of “The way you know that the person you’re with is the right person for you is when you know that they love you the way you are, on good days, bad days, days you’re feeling pretty or feeling ugly, flaws and all.” The idea is that you are loved for who you are, right now, without having to change a thing about yourself.

That’s good news because I already know of some things that I won’t be able to fake interest in convincingly enough:

  • football (soccer) and most sports unless I’m watching it live (and sorry, I don’t know all the rules of most sports). And that whole Manchester/Arsenal (is that even right?) rivalry is beyond me.
  • politics. I just don’t care. I don’t mind talking about the platforms of different people but actually getting into a conversation where I’m getting passionate and expressing strong opinions about politics? It won’t happen.

But don’t worry, there are things I am interested in that I know will cause men’s eyes to glaze over when I start talking about it. That’s ok because that is what I’ll be doing while he’s watching football or having his political discourse with his buddy.

Things GNG is interested in that will make her mythical boyfriend think she’s a weirdo:

  • blogging . I keep dreaming I’ll meet a guy who, upon hearing that I have a blog, will ask for the web address so he can read all about me and be better equipped to deal with me. That never happens, probably because the thought of having to read hundreds of words on the internet is depressing, especially when you’re out of school and no longer have homework.

    I’m really into blogging—I read the blogs of so-called probloggers and try to be up to date on the latest innovations or big things happening in the land of blogging. I sort of get really into that and tell anyone who’ll listen about it. My sister tends to give me this “Oh my dear God I can’t believe I’m being made to listen to this; where did I leave my gun?” face when I start talking so I think she finds it boring. I know men will be the same way.

  • crafts. I’m very crafty and enjoy making cards, knitting, anything that involves the use of paper, ribbon.

Having different interests is so healthy too, so I am glad for that…though I’m perhaps more glad that I won’t ever feel like I have to like everything my man likes.

So tell me: What have you done for the sake of “love”? What will you never do for love?


5 Responses to “Things we’ve done for “love””

  1. 1 Oya

    I loves Tracy Chapman! “Give me one reason” and “Rape of the world” are my favs.

    I too have noticed that I take on some of the interest of my boyfriend but I also do that with close girlfriends. Its a give and take thing that way he can sometimes do crafts with you while u sit and watch football….yeah right!

    Things I wont do for the sake of love/friendship:

    1. CRAFTS! Lol, GNG u my girl but ummm, No.
    2. Become Vegetarian: I dated one once and he tried to convert me. I really tried to have just a Salad when we went out but in the end I chose meat! I mean which kin man be vegetarian sef.
    3. If he likes fishing, hiking, climbing mountains and other extreme nature activities, He can do all that crazy stuff all by himself but I’ll have a nice warm meal waiting for him when he gets back home :)

  2. I’ve loved TC ever since I was a litle girl, too bad she is inactive. She was a little controversial (as an adult I realize that now lol), Lauryn Hill sorta reminds me of her.
    Anyway, Politics is my number one faker thingy. I love my fella, and would hate to break his poor heart if I ever proclaim I cannot stand the bickering and fakeness associated with politics. Blah!
    As for sports, I love em all, football (not soccer), basketball, baseball and hockey. Women especially seem to think my fondness for sports is associated with the men I’m with. Far from it.

    About the blog reading, I would die of mortification if my fella ever found my blog! I’m keeping that seperate, simply because I have blogged about past relationships including one with a sorta former collegue of his that he hates to pieces. I don’t want wahala o, so I jejerly carry on and never mention my blog!

  3. ps: Juno WAS A FANTASTIC MOVIE. Ellen Page rules!!

  4. Hmmm, interesting subject. What will i not do?
    I actually bought a phone for love……

  5. Im wont never get into sports. I have a friend that went and bought a book on football, even bought jerseys for the team the guy supported. It was like her night job or something, you would call her and she would be on Yahoo sports.
    I basically wont do anything that would cause me any kind of harm or discomfort, I’m just to lazy.

    I love knitting, I’m trying to pick it back up this summer I forgot how to do it :(

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