Over before it restarted


Remember that confession I made that had some random guy questioning the kind of person I was?

I told him that he didn’t have to worry because the bobo had lost interest. Some people wanted some details on what I was talking about, and here goes. There isn’t really much to say, I’m afraid.

We went from talking more and more on msn to not talking anymore (and in characteristic GNG fashion, I removed him from my msn (again)). I think we were both just a diversion for each other, and in my vulnerable state (I want a man, jare!), I took it to mean that he was interested in me or something. He did say he was going to a wedding in the UK but I can’t just let him msg me again and pick up like we hadn’t stopped talking (again).

I mean if the guy was interested, he would have called me right? Especially since he told me he still had my numbers and he recited them to me on msn.

Annnyways, enough about that. We can blame my activities on the fact that the last year of my 20s will be starting soon and I’m reaching for anything with a Y chromosome.

So, tell me: Have you ever pursued someone who was clearly not that into you? What finally made you snap out of it?


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  1. well, I like to be pursued myself, so I let the guys do that, they are quite capable. I’ve liked some pple enuff to attempt that, but I always give up because if a guy is not into you, you can alwas see it , except u just ignore it, and that is enough to makeme snap out of it!.

  2. 2 blogintheoven

    Don’t waste your time. You deserve better than that!

  3. abeg fashi the 419 guy jare and move on forward…

  4. 4 Chris

    Never mind… The “Y” carrier is around the corner ;)

  5. yes i have shamelessly pursued someone who was not into me…let me see how did i free him!!!i snapped out of it when i called one day and he was gisting me abt this fine girl he had met ..and something snapped iin me and i was like…what the fuck!!!!!and i stopped calling and that was it!

  6. 6 schic

    Not sure if this counts: he used to be into me and then stopped being into me while i was still drooling over him? lol

    What made me snap out of it? got tired and just did plus the thought that it may be a soul tie…

  7. @blogintheoven, charizard & Chris. Did u all see GNGs’ question or u guys r doin the bloke thing that makes women say we never pay attention…hmmmmpf. Abeg I’ll be back with a detailed thot on the matter. meanwhile, Apart from ‘man matter’, how ve u been?

  8. 8 sting

    I’m a little confused blame it on low blood sugar at the moment, are u talking about the guy u said u like that was working with someone else’s papers?

    Anyway, to answer ur question. Yes! I have (subtly) pursued a guy i knew wasn’t into me as much as i was into him. I say subtly cos i kept calling him even when his calls dwindled to barely nothing. I snapped out of it when he sent me a text asking me “how r u?” after i had called him over 24hrs b4 without him picking up the phone. I saw the text message as an insult becos he could have called me instead of texting me (that was just the final straw, he had been doing a lot of stupid stuff prior). I just felt like i was being offered crumbs from someone who wasn’t even worth it.

    How are u doing jare? U deserve better than anything that has a Y chromosome.

  9. I stopped as soon as I bagged him…didnt stop till I did then I didn’t want him anymore..he just wasn’t as fine as when he didnt want me…

  10. ….tried as much as i could but, i comprehend not the question from a female perspective so, i’ll let it pass.

    What hails thee?

  11. I am glad to hear that you are okay. As it concerns the issue on ground; Yes i have tried to woo 2 females who were not into me at the time at least not in the way i wanted them. The first it took a whole year of talking, emails, presents, walks, lunch dates for her to agree to give me a chance – we dated for nearly three years.
    The other, who I actually knew first, we had been toying with the idea for close to a decade – on and off, in between relationships, emails, phone calls… name it; she just decided to give ‘us’ a chance a couple of months ago – I am crazy about her and I hope this is it for me.
    Gosh, see me getting personal on your blog

    nuff. too much said

  12. Wow! you tried o! me no get that kain liver at all!
    My friends know that I am bold and fearless…but they also know that I would rather DIE than tell a guy I like him…efian!I’ve been in crush/lust or whatever it is called but noooo I can’t fit abeg…I no fit shout…I could call and talk on the fone with the guy in question but trust me I will make it look so general…gosh why does life have to be so complicated!….

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