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In the last while, there have been bloggers who have been mixing reality with fiction on their blogs, doing it so well in fact that many readers believe what they are reading to be true. I am impressed with the talent that so many of these writers have, that ability to move seamlessly between reality and fiction to craft something that is believable, even if it is all made up.

My imagination is underdeveloped, and as a result, I don’t write fiction; I stick to factual articles, true accounts and blogging. But even with this sort of writing that I do, I sometimes feel that I am not a “natural” (whatever that is).

While blog ideas come to me fairly easily (I try to keep my notebook with me to write down potential blog ideas but I never seem to have it with me when I really need it!), the art of crafting the entry, and choosing my words is pretty time consuming and it’s a good thing I don’t have any children or a boyfie to distract me when I’m in writing mode! Despite the length of some posts, I actually try to avoid superfluous words unless it’s necessary for the effect I’m trying convey. Some bloggers just seem to be able to choose the right words and convey their meanings effortlessly, and I know some have thought that I’m one of those people but I’m saying I sure am not!

And the proofreading! I hate seeing silly mistakes in my writing so I re-read entries several times before posting…and a couple of times once the entry is posted. I always find something that is the result of my brain moving faster than my fingers.

I love to write, I love sharing parts of my life and my opinions, and getting feedback on it.

How about you? Why do you write? How do you write? Where do you write? What kind of writing would you say is your forte?


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  1. This is quite enlightening you know.
    Hmm why do I write? I guess its because I’ve always kept a handwritten journal and I came across blogging one day and I thought, why not? I started out my first one on MSN writing very formally and stuff, but then I bumped into blogspots and I found that bloggers can be very informal, yet eloquent, so I thought I’d adopt that. My blogs are probably 99% reality, they are things that happen to me, but then I need to add a little twist so it doesn’t give me away, but then it distorts the story and thus the input that I need from others! But hey, its fun anyway!

  2. How about you? Why do you write? How do you write? Where do you write? What kind of writing would you say is your forte

    Im also impressed with all the different writing styles i see online. There are so many talented and gifted bloggers. Sometimes i read someting and Im just at a lost for words, just wow. Some bloggers have actually brought me to tears with their posts, while others have had me laughing like a mad woman.

    I wish I could mix up fiction and nonfiction, but my “imagination is underdeveloped” also so i stick with the nonfiction.

    I agree with Naijababe, this post was enlighting.

  3. 3 Abbie

    no ryhme or reason lol, I just write, exactly how I talk, I don’t even proof read, my blog is full of grammatical errors and punctuation mistake (as I matter of fact, this comment full of mistakes is a snap shot for you lol)
    I write non fiction, although I tend not to tell all, I’ve never been that comfortable expressing myself with people I know not to talk about complete strangers…..well except for my being unemployed and all.

  4. “but I never seem to have it with me when I really need it”

    I so feel u on that stgatement. I cant tell you how many articles i have written in my head. My idea comes just that few seconds be4 i fall asleep and i can just imagine putting pen to paper but alas, to get up is quite difficult. and sometimes i am doing 90 on the highway and a whole page of blog flashes in my head, i would write on my steering but the bodies will be countless. I suppose I will try force writing. Something I do now is just going with the flow. Writing as it comes to me when i can. i try to write how i feel, or whatever at that moment i can spin into something enlithening , but i wirt on the whole just to express a lingering thought, feeling, to paint an event. enough ish.

  5. I write just because i feel the rush to. I know when the “spirit” moves me, i write fiction. been doing that since high school( always picked the fiction to write for WAEC) and pple used to ask me if it was my life stories. I however hate the use of superflous words. I write because its me.

  6. 6 sting

    I write when i’m pissed, sad, angry or whatever negative emotion. Even with my paper journal, i hardly ever write when i’m happy. Someone once made a comment on a rare silly post that i made that she had never seen that side of me cos i was always depressed or whatever when i write. I’m actually a very goofy person around people i’m close to. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor which a lot of my guy friends enjoy, but none of those come across in my blog cos i only feel the need to write when i’m not happy. Weird?

  7. I write to release steam
    I write to express my self
    I write 2 share my experiences & knowledge

    Am a very organized person, so I like my writings having a sequence, properly aligned, and without errors.

    I write on my blog, yep thats the only place I write. Blogsville give ma a voice.

  8. 8 aeye

    I write mostly about what is going on around me. Whether that is about my life, which it recently has been, or about world/community issues. Whatever the topic, I write my opinion about it to, like Oluwadee said, “share my experiences and knowledge” and to, hopefully on the bigger issues, impart more knowledge and provide links to find that knowledge.

  9. 9 NigerianDramaQueen

    Why do I write: I have always kept a journal, and always loved to write. When I cam across blogsville, I was fascinated by the idea of baring my soul to strangers. Unfortunately, I have been too honest, and so my identity has been discovered by too many people!

  10. 10 Mr C

    I think my brain is wired differently. And the difference in the wiring configuration makes issue that seem mundane and ordinary to everyone else, important to me.

    I don’t really like to write. Too time consuming doing spell checks (which I am terrible at), and picking the right word (GNG it was like your articulated my thoughts here).

    But, I wish I could write like some of the people in blogsville, who update their blog daily, comment on other people’s blogs, do research into issues (which they blog about) and still have time to live a normal life.
    I write because daily I encounter challenges that do not sync with my own personal conviction of how things should operate.There are issues that discussions with “like” minds are not enough to articulate them and create a platform upon which a possible solution can come from. People always forget details. Besides, using my personal network as a medium to convey a point of view might not be strong enough (as most of the people I discuss with do so with me to pass time. They are more bogged down with the pressures of everyday life).

    This to me is the most revealing question to a blogger I have come across this year and thanks so much for that GNG.

  11. 11 sherri

    i write cos i love to
    i write as i feel
    i write to vent my frustrations
    i write to share my opinion
    i write to encourage
    i write to inspire
    i write to praise
    i write to worship
    and i save my big words for the “collectors”

  12. Hmmmm, why write i?
    Let’s say, i create scenes out of (real life) situations i observe. Then, i just allow the ink to flow.
    But, more importantly….i write ‘cos i love it. As for ‘big’ words, encarta is a faithful companion.

  13. You know what is worse than reading blogs that you probably need to use a dictionary???

    Blogs that write in american slang!!!

  14. Ghetto slang that is….

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