We need more networking opportunities in (my part of) Canada for Nigerians


I live in a part of Canada that doesn’t seem to have lots of Nigerians milling about. “Seem” is the operative word, as I’m sure there are Nigerians around: after all, we have two Universities here (we all know how much Nigerians love education!) and we’re the capital of the country for goodness sake! Surely that means one or two drop dead gorgeous intelligent and fun-loving Nigerians may have chosen to settle in my city instead of heading to TO, the big city?

I’ve thought of a few ideas to entice these Nigerians to come out of hiding and get them interacting with one another but I don’t know if they would work. I’m no networker so my ideas are more informal, get to know you events which would hopefully grow from that. Networking seems to be a bigger deal in the UK or the USA, and the one reunion in Canada that I heard of doesn’t seem to be doing anything this year (so far) which is a real shame because I would have gone this year for sure. We need an associations or group for young Nigerian professionals in Canada who want to get to know like-minded people (and if a little matchmaking happens too, I won’t complain!).

Of course, the solution is to start a group if I feel that such a group is missing but that’s pretty daunting. I can be pretty shy in person and while I have ideas, I’m not sure I’m ready to be the one in charge of moving things forward and dealing with poor turnout and lack of interest due to the unflashy plans. Also, I wonder if groups like this just end up being a stage for some to brag about their accomplishments and their wealth because I really can’t stand that sort of thing (and I’ve seen it happen with some of the adults in the general Nigerian associations). And also, if I was busy organizing it all, when would I find time to personally check out all the men? ;)


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  1. Aww, you must be pretty bored!
    I guess it sounds quite good and the first obvious option would be facebook but then I guess it’s so overrated these days that it may not be taken rather seriously. But still it’s the only form of getting to people these days. You never know, you might just be lucky.

    Are you on facebook? Give it a try though. Plus, if you feel you don’t want to take responsibility for the whole event, then make friends with probably the first one or two people that join the group and then slowly introduce some resposibilities into their diaries..lol :)

    It shouldnt be so bad.

  2. 2 Oya

    I agree with Naijababe

  3. 3 GoodNaijaGirl

    @Naijababe and Oya – great idea…I’ll give Facebook a try and let you know how it goes!

    Facebook is sort of getting overrated in my opinion but since I do search on Facebook for these sort of groups in my area every now and then, maybe others do too!

  4. lol! you keep your priorities on top always don’t you? hahahaha

    Well, I was going to recommend Facebook but naijababe beat me to it. I think that if you have the time to do this, you would be surprised by the personal and career opportunities that the creation of such a networking group would present to you.

    BTW, thanks for your email. I drafted a response the minute I got it but I was a slacker this weekend and never sent it off. So, off I go to hit send on the message to you.

    God bless!

  5. 5 sting

    LOL @ ur last statement. Anyway, good luck with that. I have no idea about these things. I’m a certified introvert and for the most part don’t want to go out and do anything. They have had 2 naija reunions practically in my backyard (ATL) and i didn’t bother going, whereas tons of pple flew in from out of town. Some pple even came from the UK….

  6. 6 speakingmymind68

    I’m not a big fan of fb. I know you will meet more people with time.

  7. was gonna say facebook too!!!

  8. Well, well, well…….an idea is what matters. ’twill eventually take root if nutured.

  9. 9 Yosh

    Yeah, what they all said. Sorry I’m late. Lol! I was actually at this joint yesterday but was on the go and couldn’t leave a comment.

    Good to see you at least found something useful from the SouthPark episode you watched. Apparently a lot of people get carried away by the way SouthPark gets its message across, some times I have to admit it’s deliberately crass…but the fact is when you look into it, there’s a jewel amidst the “murk”

    Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful rest of the week! I’m off tomorrow.


  10. yeah, facebook seems like a good idea, if for nothing, just to see how many people would be interested in that sort of thing. goodluck!

  11. A face book group might be a good idea…but then you would have to either advertise or wait for others to find it..

    so maybe you should just stick some invites all over the 2 unis…it should read….”CALLING ALL NIGERIANS!!!

  12. 12 stbloke

    wassup, ve nt been here for a while; work pressure. I am sure there are a lot of Nigerians in your area; I know a few. An event would certainly gather your kin. It might cost a chunk, but if u’all can get together and bring a D’banj or Psquare over, you would have your venue brimmin with enough Nigerians to start a new Lagos. Give me a hola, we can work somethin out… and they would be glad to come.

    On another note -U’all should check out my recent post, its generating quite a buzz at home.

    nuff said

  13. 13 asDrama

    I’m probably too late to make a meaningful suggestions here. But please let me know if there is a group already formed.
    My email: Joolius_2000@yahoo.com

    I’m flying to Canada next Winter, and hoping to meet Nigerians or at least to join Nigeria Community in Canada as it is hard for me to do so in Korea here due to distance to the capital city-Seoul where there are more Nigerians than anywhere else here. University of Western Ontario in London is my final destination though. I am sure there are Nigerians there. I had only one Nigerian classmate at my current University- Athabasca University. Is gone to back to Nigeria now to lead a division at AIG Insurance. I miss Nigeria, I cant wait to go take over GLO/MTN too:D lol

  14. If there is any Nigerian girl in Canada, who needs a husband, please let me know!

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