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While we’re on the topic of (me) networking with fellow Nigerians, something that I haven’t found particularly easy to do in Canada, I want to talk about Naija reunions. Back when I was on a US-based Nigerian forum, I would hear about reunions that were happening, usually in the DC/Maryland, Texas or Georgia areas, and these events always seemed to be the “it place” to be. (Do they have these reunions in Jand too?)

I’ve never been to such an event before, so I have the following possible misconceptions about them.

Naija reunions are actually about meeting former classmates from Naija
I’m not sure why, but I always look at these reunions as a way for people who went to school together in Naija, be it secondary school or university, to meet up again. If you didn’t go to highschool or university in Naija, you’ll feel a little out of place, like someone told a joke seconds before you entered a room and you missed the punchline.

It’s a meat market
People go to pick up and be picked up and hook up (both temporarily and something longer lasting). I’m pretty sure I’m right about this, and I’m not complaining because it would be cool to go somewhere where there are lots of other Nigerians…it would certainly increase the odds of finding an appropriate somebody (depending on what you’re looking for).

There will be lots of pretension (and flossing, and balling…)
If I’m looking to meet a normal guy, one who’s even a bit geeky, I don’t know if he’d attend a reunion; the same goes to making some female friends who aren’t all about being seen and noticed by everyone. Maybe only super duper party peoples go to these reunions, and for every normal, down to earth person there, male or female, there’ll probably be 25 people who are totally putting on an act for the purpose of the event. I want to meet real people who aren’t afraid of being themselves.

I wonder if Nigerians who were born and raised abroad, or who have never even visited Nigeria go to these events, or if it’s really for the born and (at least partly) bred Nigerians. I guess as long as you bring a posse of friends with you, you’ll be fine.

If you live in the USA, the upcoming reunions I’m aware of are:

NRC Reunion – Baltimore, Maryland – July 3-6, 2008

Dejavunet – Atlanta, Georgia – July 4-7, 2008

If you’ve been to a reunion or know someone who has, let me know what they’re really like. Are you attending either of these or another reunion altogether? Have you been to a reunion and decided never to go again?

It would be cool if some of the Naija bloggers who are going had a blogger meetup!

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  1. #1: yeah, reunions might be about meeting old classmates especially for pple that went to school where there is a lot of them lying around: QC, KC, Atlantic hall those kind of schools..

    #2: Any naija event IS a meat market!

    #3: there will be LOTS of pretention- at least at the typical reunion parties

    …but that does not mean you can’t go there and have fun and meet a great guy!

  2. I’ve never been to a reunion myself, but I too usually get the feeling that its for the party goers and stuff.
    I’m not sure but there’s no harm in going to one. I guess its quite useless if you didnt attend either primary or secondary school in Nigeria, you may be a bit out of place.
    True its a meat market, but isn’t that what wedding too are all about?

  3. Dannnng tot I was first…

  4. I have never been to a reunion but I think all sorts will be there, from the geeky to the hunk…lol..might not be all bad, yes, there will be those who went to meet new meat…but others might be just like you…sceptical but hoping…

  5. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, just got ur msg…lmao…I hadn’t even read the post then…roflmao

  6. 6 sherri

    i’ve never been to one but, am thinking of going to the independence day celebration this year in nyc. (even tho i dont like crowds) i heard it was a lot of fun last year.

  7. 7 Abbie

    finally, a comment I will make that might offend many. I personally would not be caught dead at one of those reunions. If my BIL’s friends are any indication of what goes on at those reunions ( and they meet up pretty frequently at my BIL and sister’s house) then it’s definitely not the place for me. Too much ridiculousness and foolishness for me.

    Okay, lemme back off a little, I’m not a club goer, so any place where i don’t know people is usually uncomfortable for me. Maybe if I knew some of the people there it won’t be a problem.
    Hopefully when you are in MD next time, we’ll find one to go to together. Yes??

  8. 8 Abbie

    ok, so forget I said all that crap in my prior comment. When next you are in the MD area, we MUST go to one of the reunions, if only for the mad eye candy and all, have you seen the pics of the Dallas 2007 reunion, lotsa fuuuine dudes!!

  9. 9 GoodNaijaGirl

    @ bumight – Thanks for telling it like it is.

    @ Naijababe
    – That’s what I’d be afraid of: feeling out of place because I don’t have that shared educational history. It’s a small world sha: maybe I’ll discover somebody who went to the same Canadian elementary school as I did!

    @Afrobabe – you may be right…let’s hope you are or I will hunt you down. You have been warned.

    @sherri – Oh, it would be cool to celebrate Independence Day somewhere where they are doing it big (as I imagine they do in NYC). I don’t love crows either but when there’s an event going on, I like it to be well attended…and I like that the more people there are, the greater my chances of meeting cool people (male and female)

    @Abbie – I was afraid of that, but I’m glad that despite the guys you know through your BIL you’re willing to enjoy some eye candy, all for the sake of supporting me (hah: we both know you’ll be making conquests of your own, whether you like it or not). And if I’m ever in MD, you best believe I’ll be crashing on your couch with your furbabies!

  10. 10 schic

    yeahhhh…come down to MD!

  11. 11 sting

    I might go to the one in ATL since is right where i live. i wasn’t even aware of it until i read this post.

    The one thing i do know from my friends who go every year is that it is more fun if u go with ur friends.

  12. 12 jeff

    hello ladies, let met for love

  13. asper the question on my post!yes anyone can sign up to be a contestant-u interested?

  14. miss opeke just told me there is a re-union in California.june 27th-29th..DBANJ is gonna be there

  15. Naija reunions are meat markets, though i saw some people truying to use the reunion to network. Last year I attended the mini one in houton and one in Dallas which was huge. Dbanj was there, people were flossing left and right (you got to love Nigerians). To be honest there were AA’s and Jamaicans there, I assumed it would be all Nigerians but it wasn’t.
    Sting is right its way more fun if you go with lots of people, it was just me and an out of town cousin all we did was watch the fashion show, attend the concert and parts of the afterparty.

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