What? You didn’t want another update on my dating life? Sorry!


After some back and forth indecision, I decided to delete my account on all the dating sites I was on. While I’m sure that eventually I would have been contacted by a guy who wasn’t a felon, a fat fetishist or over the age of 40, I didn’t want to grow old waiting for him. Instead, I’m going to focus on networking in person and getting physically foooiine (to use commenter Oya’s terminology), so that I’ll be able to slay men in person as well as online (should I choose to return).

While it was easy as pie to delete my profile entirely from one site, the other site, Afrointroductions, doesn’t actually let you delete your profile forever and ever. Your nickname and details remain there, but in deactivated form. My guess is they do that so they can say to the next suckers people who want to register for the site that they have X zillion members. Even if your account is deactivated, I imagine you still count as a member, albeit inactive.

(Me, bitter? Naaah.)

So, I changed all my details. I am now half my actual weight and I’m not Naija anymore: I think I come from St. Lucia now. Don’t worry about anyone contacting me; the account is deactivated. I’m back to hoping that Naija parties and weddings (none of which I am invited to this summer) will yield some interesting prospects and if they don’t, I’ll always have my Naija wedding sites to fall back on.

And when I finally get a car and I’m ready for a road trip south of the border, I expect you Yankee-based Nigerians to hook me up with your brothers, cousins, and friends. We’ll call it the GNG Dating Tour, and I’ll make stops in every city a blogger lives in. I’ll keep you posted on the details.

27 Responses to “What? You didn’t want another update on my dating life? Sorry!”

  1. Yeah babe, thats the way forward mehn!

    Rawk those weddings

  2. 2 Oya

    GNG, I hope I dint dissuade you from the site?….although I think its a good thing to take some time off and re-evaluate :)
    Speaking of trips south of the border, don’t forget to invite me or we are no longer friends o! :)

  3. 3 sting

    Make sure u stop at my end during ur dating tour. Would be glad to have u. Now i wish i could practice my match making skills on u, but we all know i’m a bad match maker. I’m keeping my eyes open though, i just can’t help it. It’s in the blood.

  4. you deleted your accounts????

    Have you met someone???…..

    hmmmm let me finish reading first…

  5. I was in Nigeria while he was here in the uk…I wanted to relocate but wanted to make friends first, he is an IT person, builds websites and all them things…we were both Nigerians..we started chatting, from chatting to calling…we found out we had friends in common..he became my best friend…he knew all the guys I dated, I knew all the girls he dated…one thing led to another, I was single and so was he…we ended up in bed together…he recently proposed…I am seriously considering it….so internet dating does work, just that we were both not looking for relationships at the time…

  6. Cant believe I just shared that!!!

  7. 7 GoodNaijaGirl

    @ Afrobabe – OMG! I guess I don’t have to ask you who this was about, do I? So glad that good things have come from online dating for you!

  8. Afrobabe: WHAT???!

    gng: i dont have anything more to say after reading afrobabe’s comment!

  9. 9 GoodNaijaGirl

    lol I don’t blame you! I was pleasantly surprised by this heartfelt sharing…nice to know our sexy Afrobabe is a vulnerable chick too ehn? When was she going to share this with us?

    (Well, we’ll give her a chance to share her story in full, on her blog, sha…)

  10. and the site we met???????


    He was building a similar site which was why he was on there….time and chance?

  11. @ Afrobabe: lol,I’m not sharing…as long as I’m first when that post comes up!

  12. 12 GoodNaijaGirl

    @ Afrobabe – are you serious?! I thought only lechers came from that site ;)

    Timing truly is everything.

  13. be careful what you ask for, telling bloggers to hook you up with their bros and friends, lol!


  14. 14 GoodNaijaGirl

    @solomonsydelle – imagine trying to blog about a disastrous date with one of blogville’s members’ relatives and the backlash that would cause! I am not strong enough to deal with that o!

  15. Wow…afrobabe………..thats mad o!

  16. GNG Im seriously thinking about hitting up the singles department at my church, for years now I’ve been ignoring them, felt it hadn’t reached that side yet, but just this summer my church is doing 4 weddings and ALL the couples met in the singles ministry.
    I’m sorry to hear you are deleting your dating accounts, you know i live vicariously through your post about your ups and downs with those sites. I dislike naija parties sha, well the ones here in Houston, its like the same people at each party.

    @ Afrobabe foreal? let me go find this site again jare.

  17. WAowwwww lol

  18. GNG me I will date you o. Despite our running ins on a particular post of yours, which u handled with grace. So what say you?

    Nice post.

  19. On a for real note, you often find when u are not looking. Just sit back, enjoy the ride, meet folks -men and women alike – not just for the point of finding who to date but more becuase u just want to meet them and let them meet you (u gets my meaning). You never know, what just might happen and when it just might happen. ANd please get rid of that type thing. Everyone has a type, more better to know what type you are and display it and someone who likes it, someone it fits with (yes, like a jigsaw puzzle) will stick around.

  20. Jolly good show, on getting outta those dating sites. i am a typical Naija man and those sites reek of desperation to me and you, my dear, are not desperate. Sure, tell me where and when to send you a list of prospects- i ve to know what you are looking for sha. all the best!

  21. 21 Oya

    Congrats to Afrobabe! thats fantastic news o! I am tempted to join that site now sef. but u have to pay abi? hmm, the ijebu in me refuses to pay for a site.

  22. 22 GoodNaijaGirl

    @dat1orikagirl – DO IT!!! I would do it if I could! I think you should explore all the available options and what better way to meet someone who you already know has religion in common with you than to give the church group a chance. Keep us posted—I hope the man for you is still there, waiting.

    – Thanks for the compliments my brother. I appreciate your optimism on my behalf, and I hope you’re right. I think God helps those who help themselves and in a way I feel like by doing the online dting thing I’ve been trying to get out the easy way. Putting myself out there by being more outgoing at events and introducing myself to people would be way harder but perhaps yield a lot of good returns. I fully agree that I should be meeting/talking to men and women and getting to know more people so we’re on the same wavelength. I’m not quite ready to let go of the type thing though…

    – You don’t have to pay to join Afrointroductions…give it a try!

  23. 23 schic

    excuse me…GNG..na wa oh…i hear blackman nicely making himself available and asking you what’s up? somehow you didn’t reply to his question…abi you guys have gone private on us?lol So blackman, you may need to go through me oh! GNG, how far? blackman sounds (what’s another word? rights? cool?) …lol….ok, i’ll stop…i need to go blog scratch that, i need to go catch up on real work…been away from work…i’ll log on chat later so we can catch up…

  24. dont mind the girl schic.
    GNG… but u know there is nigerian reunion in MD jul 4 weekend. lotsa nigeria guys. not saying they all have good/bad intentions but u can always find some old lovers, new lovers and such

  25. Girl u will find him. all in due time. Consider urself lucky self, u have a lot of men to at least pick from. Imagine being far away and not really being able to socialize. lol.
    There is Hope.

  26. 26 schic

    Haba, blackman, you’re taking it back? It must be that babe *wink wink* we know who from your blog…lol…Anyway my dear, I bet you “he” will come at the very ritte time…just be a little more patient…God is perfecting him for you…

  27. Hmmmm……

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