Does this sound like the voice of the next Blogville Idol?


Ok, so I signed up to participate in Blogville Idol 08 and this is what happens: I lose my voice and end up sounding like someone who has had a hard life and spent the majority of it drinking and smoking crack: My current voice. It hurts to talk!

(Compare this to the entry I recorded back in March: Me in March.)

I have no idea if my voice will be back in time for next week but I really hope it will. Pray for me: I want to participate!

(Edited to add: I found some recordings I made for fun last year so I guess I can use one of those for the first round if worse comes to worst.)

20 Responses to “Does this sound like the voice of the next Blogville Idol?”

  1. jesu ooooooo!!dont loose ur voice now o!!!!YEPARIPA!!!!!drink hot lemon and honey!!!!oya kia kia fast fast!!

    hey blogville idol contestant check your email(u may wanna check ur spam mail too,cos i hrd my mails get sent there sometimes) and the idol blog NOW

  2. i just listened to you in march…lol!!!SHIKEN ooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you try pronounce NAIJA!!!LOL…you know what i actually think you sound like a naija gal who moved to obodo oyibo in her teens!!!

  3. that was pinksatin

  4. 4 sting

    U better go be drinking raw eggs oh, abeg i don’t want u to embarrass me on blogville. Icase u don’t know i’m ur personal power ranger. U and Abbie better bring it…. or else!

    Okay, or else nothing. Don’t mind me. Hope u feel better.

  5. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…..(sorry, I know I’m not supposed to be laughing…muhaha).

  6. Hmmm…didnt hear anything from the first recording..

    lmao @ the salad bit…I think I still call it that way…a million years in oyibo land will not be curing that….and I am trying to say suit case instead of box…my foreign friends always look confused when I say box…lol

  7. 7 30+

    Oh no sorry

    Drink lemon and honey, it works wonders

  8. I’m going to listen to this when i get off work!

  9. 9 schic

    Babes, this is SAD!!!lol… Pls oya start on hot water, honey and lime…u can’t drop out of idol and u def can’t sing with that voice…lol…and girl u berra be able to sing too oh…me i can’t be partial, u can’t sing, i won’t vote for you…forget friendship here…lol… u ok sha?

  10. 10 Oluwadee

    U have 2 get ur voice back oh, by fire by force.

  11. I just listened to voice recordings or whatever they are called, and the one with the cracked voice sounds like one of my sisters. Weird.

    LOL @ salad. You could just say u r speaking pidgin when u pronounce words like that. That’s the excuse my brother always gives when he’s murdering the english language.

    I guess u could form a picture of how someone sounds based on how they write. Now i know how u sound, cool. The thought had crossed my mind though. I have to give u props on saying naija, like a typical naija person.

  12. What in the world??? I’m so sorry, you sound horrible.
    Hope your voice gets better soon.

  13. lol, sorry, I forgot to add the crack comment was hilarious!! Half of the folks in DC talk like that.

  14. sorry, me again, how did you get that Idol picture on your blog, WordPress is plucking my last nerves!!! arrrrrghhh!!

  15. 15 GoodNaijaGirl

    @blogville idol/pink-satin – I’m going to take your comment as a compliment so thanks

    – if raw eggs is the ultimate cure you can count me out o! lol embarrass you: I can see you pulling a Peter on me and denying you know me three times before the rooster crows…haba!

    @Jaycee – *eyeroll* thanks for the support, hater! ;)

    @Afrobabe – box instead of suitcase…I know here “box” is a slang for a part of the female anatomy, maybe that’s why you get the funny looks?

    – thank you, esteemed host. I have been doing the lemon and water thing

    @bumight – ok, and make sure you manage to say “pele” before you start laughing like Jaycee, lol

    – lol at “and you def can’t sing with that voice”. No matter how I sound I expect your support o! Other than sounding bad I’m fine though…thanks :)

    – pray for me my sister!

    @sting – really? Maybe I am your sister and I’ve found your blog ;) I love that excuse…I’ll tell everyone that I’m actually speaking pidgin when I mess up! Thanks for the props o—my goal is to get a proper Naija accent when speaking Yoruba or pidgin

    – how do I know you didn’t do juju on me to remove me from this competition, ehn? Nevertheless, I’ll help you out with your wodpress issues…first let me go check your blog and see if you still need me :)

  16. lmao i cant wait to see where yoy go with this.. i’ll pray for u.. in the meantime.. party a lot more.. drink a lot more and smoke a lot more… it cant get worse than it already is abi…… lmao.. i kiddd… gluck my darling…

  17. 17 sherri

    croak on!(cudn’t resist)

    how’s ur voice now?

  18. okay!!is the voice sounding bera?i cant see you blogville contestant icon!!i will fine you o

  19. 19 charizardonfire

    ehen! God don begin dey answer my prayer!

    ok…lol! I was jus jokin…..ok ur voice is like this when its bad and I dont have hope…wharrabout when its now alryt nko? E don be for me be that na…

  20. Awwww! Get well soon gurl. We gotta do this together, okay? Mwwwwah! Hope that helps!

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