My disclaimer***Warning: this blog is not meant to be taken too seriously. A lot of what I write is tongue-in-cheek, and I know there are exceptions to every rule I mention. This blog’s goal is to share truths from my life but I reserve the right to write it in a way that conveys the truth humourously and with self deprecation. If you take everything you read here at face value you will soon leave the blog frustrated. And that would be sad because that was not my intention.***

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If you’re in your late 20s, a university graduate, gainfully employed, still living at home, and still obedient (enough) to your parents that they don’t ever want to see you leave home, you are a good Naija girl.

If you go to Nigerian parties and other adults tell you what a good girl you are, and how helpful you are to “mummy and daddy”, then you are a good Naija girl.

If those same adults tell you they wish their sons would meet a nice girl like you, or tell you at (Nigerian) weddings that they can’t wait to celebrate your wedding, you are a good Naija girl.

Welcome to my blog. Here I will chronicle my (un)adventures as a Nigerian girl who was born and raised in North America (with the exception of three years spent in Nigeria), who identifies as Nigerian. I’ll share some of the things that make me feel like I’m caught in the middle: not quite North American, not quite Nigerian. And hopefully, I’ll share my adventures in dating, a new, pretty much unwritten chapter. At this time I’m leaning heavily towards dating other Nigerians (only) but we’ll see how this all unfolds…

Oh! I love emails so if you’re feeling chatty, write away: goodnaijagirl[at]gmail[dot]com

If you’re still curious about me, you may find the following interesting:

Why a Naija guy?
My attempt to explain why the Nigerian male is what I’m seeking (at this time). Perhaps once I date one or two I’ll realize the folly of being so specific?


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve just been reading your posts and I think you’ve got a great blog. I’ll be stopping by to read more. Hope you have a great year in 2008!

  2. 2 Oya

    The similarities are too much. There seems to be a lot of us Good Nigerian Girls around.

  3. 3 Tahra


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  4. 4 elvis

    What a suprise to learn about a ‘good Nigerian girl’. Thought there is only a good Nigerian guy (that’s me you know). I thought am alone without a partner! Well if you are indeed good, then kudos and remain good. You know what, its good to be good. cheers

  5. 5 gidigirl

    hiya babes,

    Just read your blog and you beat me to it, but then where’s the fun without procrastination? I did mean to start something, but since you’ve done all the hard work… I like the idea of exploring what being Naija realy is, especially when regularly confronted with Naija guys, whom after bleeding you dry, financially, emotionally and timewise, decide that it’s not working, but that you’re ‘a good girl O’. Or the blind dates, where you are recognised as being ‘a good girl’. I have always wanted to shriek ‘What the f**k is being a good girl and how come we’re always the ones left holding the proverbial bag while my not so good friends are all, maybe not so happily, married with kids etc. As you may have guessed, I am a fair bit older than you, alright a good lot older than you and I have ISSUES. Withe Naija men, women, attitudes – the lot. And I totally agree with your observation that anyone on a dating site that shells is not worth the bother…

  6. 6 Bobby

    Brilliant work. Keep it up.

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