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So yeah, I love my gap and everything, and I’m fine having it for the rest of my life, but the thing that I find really annoying about it is that small drops of spit can easily escape when I’m talking, thanks to the large area for it to escape through! It’s a good thing […]

Me and my gap


Sting was bragging about her perfectly straight teeth and got me thinking (yet again) about my eji, or gap. Yup, I am one of those Nigerians who is blessed with a gap. My gap isn’t one of those sexy Madonna-esque ones either, the type that you catch a glimpse of then think “Oh, how cute, […]

As I was taking care of the task of clipping my fingernails, one of the nails didn’t land in the small garbage can I was clipping them into. I watched the nail fly off then tried to find it but could not. That’s ok though because it helped me think of something I wanted to […]

On Pidgin


Pidgin English, according to Wikpedia, is actually a general term for the many variations of Pidgin that are derived from English. Many different countries have their own version of Pidgin, and of course there will be some overlap in words and phrases, particularly among regions that are geographically similar. To read more about Nigerian Pidgin […]

I live in a part of Canada that doesn’t seem to have lots of Nigerians milling about. “Seem” is the operative word, as I’m sure there are Nigerians around: after all, we have two Universities here (we all know how much Nigerians love education!) and we’re the capital of the country for goodness sake! Surely […]

My Big Fat Greek Wedding made me think of another dilemma that Nigerian children are sometimes faced with: what to study in school and what career path to select. For some children this isn’t a dilemma because the choice has already been made: these children grow up knowing exactly which professions are acceptable for them […]

A lot of my friends are oyinbo (white) but I have friends from other cultures too. One of my closest friends happens to be Serbian and from the moment I met her over 12 years ago, she has always gotten me involved in her culture: at dinners her family would host, they would have just […]