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Remember that confession I made that had some random guy questioning the kind of person I was? I told him that he didn’t have to worry because the bobo had lost interest. Some people wanted some details on what I was talking about, and here goes. There isn’t really much to say, I’m afraid. We […]

You know what is really cool? Having a friend ask me if I can put her question out there for the wonderful blog community to answer or speak out on, probably because y’all had such good suggestions for Amber (although I never heard from Amber again…let’s hope she tossed her Naija guy to the curb!). […]

This past weekend I attended the 40th birthday party of a lovely Naija woman in the community. It was a nice affair, but we (my sister and I) knew there would be nobody there our age and we were pretty much right. The celebrant’s three children are age 10 and below so there were mostly […]

I was talking to a friend yesterday who will be meeting a Naija man that she met online in person this coming weekend. I’m beyond excited for her, and I’m getting my hair and nails done too, just in case she’s unable to make the trip and she needs me to step in for her. […]

If you’re looking to find a good man or woman and you’re open to meeting people online, and open to trying something new, then you must go and visit S Chic. She has set up a very interesting experiment; you should go and get the details over at her place. If you are interested, you […]

I’ve decided to leave the online dating world for a while. I’ve deactivated my profiles but not deleted them entirely because I’m fickle and I’m sure I’ll be back. My reasons for leaving are simple: I haven’t met anyone in my age range who was decent and who wanted to get to know me. My […]

I’ve been left out when it comes to learning how to front. Some of you may have fronted once or twice, and could teach me a thing or two so I’m asking you to help me out and answer some questions: First of all, what does fronting mean (to you)? Is it different from making […]