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Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be moving over to my new place on the internet – I hope you’ll come visit me thereā€”I can’t guarantee you any home cooked Naija meals but the palm wine will be flowing! Don’t waste time commenting here: head over there and let me know what you […]

Ok, so I signed up to participate in Blogville Idol 08 and this is what happens: I lose my voice and end up sounding like someone who has had a hard life and spent the majority of it drinking and smoking crack: My current voice. It hurts to talk! (Compare this to the entry I […]

Me and my gap


Sting was bragging about her perfectly straight teeth and got me thinking (yet again) about my eji, or gap. Yup, I am one of those Nigerians who is blessed with a gap. My gap isn’t one of those sexy Madonna-esque ones either, the type that you catch a glimpse of then think “Oh, how cute, […]

It’s my birthday today, and in just under two hours, at 1:22pm, I will be 29. This might sound a bit like an acceptance speech, but I am so grateful to God that I am seeing another year. For the last few years, I have not been taking this life for granted. My cousin in […]

Living for you


The Parakeet posted a couple of weeks about how she used to make decisions based on whoever her future husband would be, and how she will no longer do that: from now on, her decisions will be made based on herself alone. I’m a fairly selfish person, but I prefer my decisions have my parents’ […]

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and when I got there, the receptionist had me fill out a sheet since this was my first time visiting this doctor. Then she had to enter the information into the computer system. I handed her my health card and she asked me which of the names was […]

After some back and forth indecision, I decided to delete my account on all the dating sites I was on. While I’m sure that eventually I would have been contacted by a guy who wasn’t a felon, a fat fetishist or over the age of 40, I didn’t want to grow old waiting for him. […]