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I’m back on (for now anyway). I reactivated my account last night. I left the new dating site I had joined ( The guy from the party never called This past weekend’s Naija party yielded no eligible males for me to accidentally stare at. The music at the event was great though. Tuface will […]

This past weekend I attended the 40th birthday party of a lovely Naija woman in the community. It was a nice affair, but we (my sister and I) knew there would be nobody there our age and we were pretty much right. The celebrant’s three children are age 10 and below so there were mostly […]

I was talking to a friend yesterday who will be meeting a Naija man that she met online in person this coming weekend. I’m beyond excited for her, and I’m getting my hair and nails done too, just in case she’s unable to make the trip and she needs me to step in for her. […]

Good day…why not start the day (or afternoon or evening) off right by doing your good deed of the day? Then come back and read what I have to say about men who sulk. – – – – Am I the only one who has been blessed to talk to men who have a tendency […]

Online dating is pretty dry of late: I am getting contacted by men who are old and occasionally, men who are married. I’m flattered but really, no thanks. I decided to do some investigative reporting for GNG blog and ask one of my e-suitors what on earth he’s thinking being on a dating site when […]