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Very cool: a Naija girl in my city was featured on the front page of the Homes section of our paper a couple of weeks ago in an article about single women who are buying homes on their own without waiting for Prince Charming to arrive. I know the girl (our parents are friends and […]

Body issues


So, let’s talk about our bodies. I’m generalizing again, but I know a lot of Nigerian women who are proud of their bodies: big or small, stick thin with no breasts or voluptuous with gravity-defying cleavage, I have talked to women who like their bodies. How have I determined that they like their bodies? Well, […]

A friend of mine commented on my entry about “bad” and good Nigerian girls and she asked a good question: what am I basing my judgment on? First off, I am using the idea of what makes someone “good” or “bad” somewhat tongue-in-cheek. How convenient that I seem to have the qualities of the good […]

I don’t have anything in common with those Nigerian girls. Who do I mean by “those” girls? The ones who: wear a ton of makeup have bubble butts are super skinny or super curvy with minimal body fat talk “Black” (African Americans) have men chasing them from day one have had a sexual partner or […]