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I am currently reading the book on the left, Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic: How to Meet and Marry Your Match (yes, another library loan) and you have to read it. Ok, maybe you don’t have to but it sure has some good tips on things you should make sure you have in order before […]

I finished reading this book on finding a man last week or the week before, Why Mr. Right Can’t Find You (thrifty Naija woman that I am, I have borrowed this book from the library). This is another practical book about why Mr. Right might be having trouble finding you, but I feel like it […]

Here’s something I’ve thought about once or twice: when I finally enter the dating game (you’d think that at age 28.5 I’d be a seasoned veteran, right?), I’d have to figure out how to tell a boyfriend that I don’t intend to “put out” until I’m married. I dread this conversation and I dread having […]