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I live in a part of Canada that doesn’t seem to have lots of Nigerians milling about. “Seem” is the operative word, as I’m sure there are Nigerians around: after all, we have two Universities here (we all know how much Nigerians love education!) and we’re the capital of the country for goodness sake! Surely […]

Remember that confession I made that had some random guy questioning the kind of person I was? I told him that he didn’t have to worry because the bobo had lost interest. Some people wanted some details on what I was talking about, and here goes. There isn’t really much to say, I’m afraid. We […]

You know what is really cool? Having a friend ask me if I can put her question out there for the wonderful blog community to answer or speak out on, probably because y’all had such good suggestions for Amber (although I never heard from Amber again…let’s hope she tossed her Naija guy to the curb!). […]

If you go back to this entry, you’ll see that there’s a picture of a gold heart on the cover of the book. If you’re at all curious about what the heart says, it says that all readers of the book get a free seven day trial with, a dating site. The author of […]

Tell me that I’m not the only one with preconceived notions about Naija (or more generally African) men versus their oyinbo counterparts! White guys are more malleable and are often not as strong, personality wise. They tend to fear conflict and are more likely to go along with your plans rather than disagree, because the […]

I don’t know what the average age is in North America for a girl or woman to lose her virginity, but I suspect that there are some Nigerian women who are doing their part to keep that average up. I grew up in a Christian household. My mom did have the occasional conversation with me […]